Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Segovia and Beyond

I know I have long since been back from my trip to Spain, but the blog was unfinished so I at least had to wrap things up.

The last couple days of the trip consisted of sight seeing and taking a short train trip to Segovia. This little town was freezing cold but beautiful. There was a giant aquaduct, lots of shops and restaurants lining the narrow streets, and a castle called Alcazar. Turns out it was the inspiration behind the castle in Disneyland. I have never been there, so I can't say whether I agree or not.

After visiting the castle and wandering around a bit, it was time for  a traditional lunch. This was no ordinary lunch, but a lunch consisting of suckling pig, some fries, and a very big salad. We finished the meal off with a lovely dessert that I can no longer remember the name of. More wandering and a train ride home led us back to the hotel for a nap before dinner.

There were more nice dinners, wandering around Madrid, and a Flamenco show to round out the week. All in all it was a great week, and it was so great to see both of my sisters at the same time.

What's next? Only time will tell, but I know it will be something fantastic!