Friday, February 22, 2013

The Best Welsh Pub

What's a trip to Wales without the search for the best pub? Now you could spend days, weeks even trying out each little hole in the wall establishment. Why do that though when you can spend your time in one great one? The Scholars is the place to be in Aberystwyth, Wales. It's spacious and roomy for a pub, and they show all the best football matches on flat screen TV's. They even have free wifi. But that's not why The Scholars is the best pub in Aber. It's Sunday Carvery! After church and after the hangovers have subsided, locals wander into this establishment to spend the afternoon with a pint of Rev. James and a heaping plate of Thanksgiving-like fare. It's heaven. That's where I have spent two of my Sundays in this lovely ocean side town, eating potatoes mashed, fried, and fried again. Green veggies are in short supply, and carbs rule, but it is well worth an afternoon tucked away inside a tiny booth with mismatched chairs. Families quietly eat their plate-fuls while rugby players shovel piled high mounds of turkey, pork, and beef into their hungry mouths.  The guy behind the carving itself is great as well, truly enjoying his work on Sunday afternoon. It is a sight to be seen.
Tim enjoying his carvery fare!