Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Didn't I just get home?

It feels like I just got off the plane from Tanzania, but it has been at least three months now, and I have the travel bug again. I am so excited because my next adventure is Spain, Madrid and Barcelona to be specific. I will soon be meeting my sister Jess in Newark, NJ so we can hop the pond to Europe.

I have been slowly getting myself ready by making sure I have enough sweaters to wear, while my sister, currently living in Boston will be wearing short sleeves. Journey Bear is also getting ready. He has a snazzy new outfit and a Thanksgiving shirt for the big festivities.

I still haven't made any solid plans for what I am going to see while I am in Madrid. Any suggestions? What cities are close by where we can take a day trip? (I'm hoping my students will do some research and let me know)