Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow, what a day!

There is so much to say about today, I barely know where to start! I suppose I will skip my uneventful morning in Sofia and skip to my new favorite airline, Turkish Airlines. They are wonderful. Not only did I get a seat with lots of leg room, some headphones, and a bit of American TV, but I got a full meal for a one hour flight. Believe it or not it was a turkey sandwich. Unfortunately being by myself I had to enjoy that piece of irony all on my own. I sat next to a very nice business man who thought I was Bulgarian (a sign I had been there too long) who pointed out all of the landmarks from the window of the plane and gave me some suggestions for where to go. He also told me that the Marmara Sea means marble because there is so much of it there. I then proceded to get my visa and go through customs where I met a very nice lady on her way to run a university in Lahore, Pakistan. Talk about brave!

As I entered the arrivals area at the airport, I didn't see my ride, so that prompted many trips up and down the length of the airport to do things like exchange money and try to find someone willing to call my hotel to find out if someone was coming to get me. Eventually I found someone who led me to a van that I had all to myself. It was a pretty long ride, but I got a great view of the city. I got all checked in and I was given a map. For those of you who know me pretty well, maps are pretty useless for me. I tried though. I went up to my room and laid all of my materials out on the bed to try to figure out how to get to the main attractions. After an unsuccessful go of it, I decided that I would just venture out keeping careful track of what roads I was taking and try to find everything on my own.