Saturday, July 13, 2013

The End of an Era

About a year ago I embarked on an international journey and moved to Amsterdam. I had ambitious goals to blog every week about my experiences. I even started another blog with a witty name, but it never got off the ground. Life happened, as most often times it does. Amsterdam was not the amazing international experience I thought it was, so I stopped writing. Now, sitting at a shady picnic table in Squaw Valley, California and chatting with some locals, I am trying to find my voice again.
Squaw Valley Inspiration

While life abroad wasn't quite what I thought it would be, there were some really fantastic things that happened and inspiring people along the way. Since last year I have also amassed a slew of other travel stories that I will try to catch up on over the coming months.

There is no doubt I am blessed, and things do tend to work out for me as my sister's boyfriend reminds me. But I have worked very hard to get where I am. Where is that exactly? I have decided to take some time off, to write, to explore, maybe to find a passion that I didn't know that I had. For ten years I devoted myself to being an educator, and while I'm still a BadAss Teacher (some of you will know what I mean), I just have to get out. Education is in my blood, and I'm sure I'll come back to it someday, but for now I'm an explorer. I'm scared, I'm excited, but above all I know I am doing the right thing.