Monday, April 14, 2014

My Thai: What I Loved About the Land of Smiles

I've written all of my specialty posts about the places I went and what it was like to be in a completely new part of the world. The only thing left is to break it down into the things I loved most, the distilled pieces of my experiences that will make me hop on a plane again at some random time in my life and sit suspended in the air for 24 hours.

This isn't a top 10 or top 20 because I didn't want to confine myself to a number. It's just a list of awesome things that if you should find yourself in the land of smiles, you should see, do or just immerse yourself in without asking too many questions.

Taxi driver playing American pop music when I arrived.

The sheer craziness of the Chatuchuk Market

The food

The atmosphere on the street in Bangkok at night

Ferry rides to islands that I thought I would only see in movies

Meeting interesting people like Emily and Tom the actors from London and James the circus performer who had just escaped from a silent meditation retreat

Writing early every morning in Thailand!

Street food that I wish I had eaten more of

Coconut water out of a fresh coconut

Finding quiet among the crazy

Learning how to cook Thai food from experts

The overnight bus

Sunset on the barge on the way back to Bangkok

Sunrise on the overnight train

Tuk tuks

The food

Massages that cost less than $10

The guy in Chinatown who gave me lots of advice and sent me on an adventure

Khlong rides

Mountain views from the Jungle Club

The lady selling a pile of chicken on the overnight train

Watching a little boy create a wood carving

Every sight and every sound was something new and exciting

And did I mention the food?

But the thing I love most about travel, solo travel in particular is that I became a little braver, learned a little more about how little I know and discovered a great enthusiasm for a new part of the world.