Friday, January 1, 2010

A bit behind

Ok so I know that Boxing Day was about a week ago, but I honestly haven't really had much access to email for any length of time or the computer had died. I am planning on writing it all out though it might just be when I have already come back to the states.

I will say I have loved reading the comments from family and friends and it makes being away for Christmas a bit easier. Things were definitely very different here; much more low key and no one I knew went to church. You don't really see many churches.

We spent Christmas eve at the Gold Coast with Damien's family. We had a nice big meal and a beautlful view of a canal. The next morning, Damien's sister, Steve, and Kylie cooked a lovely Christmas brekkie at Kylie's parents apartment. Then it was back to Damien's Nan's apartment for some Christmas Lunch, and then back to Brissy for a Christmas dinner at Kylie's parents apartment in Kangaroo Point. Did I mention we did a lot of eating? Mango seemed to make an appearance at many meals, it's quite yummy.

Boxing Day was a new experience for me. Originally it was started by one of the Queens of England on the day after Christmas she had her servants assemble lots of boxes with small gifts and money to be distributed to the poor, hence the name Boxing Day. Now it is a day of eating and watching cricket and the Sydney to Hobart sailing race. We spent our Boxing Day with some old friends of mine; the MacArthurs. Amy was our family's exchange student about 11 years ago, and I set out to find her. Kylie drove us over to Redcliffe where her family lives, and we had another large lunch and some interesting conversation. Amy and I got to catch up a bit, and overall we had a very nice time although it was short. Don't worry mom I have pictures, but I haven't put them on the computer yet.

Next post....Hamilton Island