Tuesday, June 22, 2010


One of the daunting tasks involved in traveling out of the country is the research. Once you start to do some research, you find all sorts of things that you need to do before you leave. Besides learning Swahili, I had to get some immunizations or shots to keep me healthy while I am away from home.

Sometimes countries require certain immunizations in order to enter the country and Tanzania is no exception. Yellow Fever is the one that I have to show proof of having, but like I said once you do some research, you find all kinds of other things to do. In my case, after visiting my doctor and the health department it was determined that I had to seek out a travel clinic. This place was great though, and if anyone is ever in need of any kind of travel medical info, find one in your area. They put together a folder of information about all of the possible diseases that I may encounter (really great bedtime reading! :oP ) and spent lots of time talking about all of the important things that I need to do to stay alive.

After a lovely conversation, three prescriptions, and 6 shots (three in each arm), I walked out to the desk to find the nurse distressed and hunched over her calculator. "This can't be right she mumbled. Did the doctor go over pricing with you?" I told her that I knew the damage, but she kept trying to make the amount go down. It ended up being.......drum roll please........$736!! And no, insurance doesn't cover things like this.

So now I have two very sore arms, but side effects have been minimal no organ failure here.

This week I am at the ASCD conference in town gaining all sorts of great information about helping Thacker go global!

My next big task to come, since I know you are all so excited about this, is making my appointment for my visa on July 1st. I have to go into New York City, so I am sure I will run into all sorts of things to write about. Stay tuned.......