Monday, June 7, 2010

Flight Booking Fun

Today's task was to work on finding a flight that wasn't going to cost me a rediculous amount of money but also enable me to have a somewhat comfortable flight without sharing my seat with chickens. I think I have found one on Emirates Airlines which has a great reputation according to some people I know, and my flight attendant will not be a goat. I will only have to change planes once...victory. The ride home will be another story. It is looking like a 9 hour lay over in JFK before I can get back to Orlando booo!

My next big task is to start learning Swahili. So far I am doing great. I know hijambo, jambo, simba, asante sana, bia, and that's about it for now. I am doing great though because I have ordered a book, and my CCS coordinator has sent me a booklet of lessons and some flash cards for me to practice. Too bad Rosetta Stone doesn't have Swahili as one of their language options. I would be all over that.

Only 3 days left in the school year now, so I am that much closer to my African adventure!