Monday, January 6, 2014

naSuma and Inua in Tanzania

A street in Bagamoyo, Tanzania
For my first humanitarian focused post of the year I wanted to do my part to help an organization that comes from a place very near and dear to my heart. In the summer of 2010 I went to Bagamoyo, Tanzania on a volunteer trip. While I was there I met some lovely people both locals and fellow volunteers. One of those ladies was Pili. She's a seamstress among other things, and she made all of the clothing and bags that I came home with. I loved visiting her shop and looking at all of the beautiful garments she created.

Some awesome volunteers have helped her take her business to the next level and then some and it's called naSuma. What's even better though is that this organization was created to help fund Inua which helps girls get a chance at a better life.

"Allow us to introduce to you two names; two initiatives, coiled together in one sustainable model to lift up women and create change in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. naSuma is a brand new socially conscious clothing line designed and developed in Tanzania by women. Inua is an alternative training and education program for young women who were not afforded the chance to attend secondary school. naSuma's sales make Inua's programs possible."

The nearby beach in Bagamoyo

"Where Your Money is Going
In order to operate and develop naSuma and Inua this year, we need to raise at least $15,000. These funds will be used to cover the following:
• Teachers salaries: Currently Pili is operating all courses on a volunteer basis. She
does make fair wages as our head tailor, but we want to compensate her for all that she brings to Inua. We would also like to supplement our team by hiring a professional local English teacher.
• Administration and development: internet, phones, government registration fees, marketing
• Workshop materials: fabric, thread, sewing machine maintenance and tools, daily breakfast and transportation costs for students
• Stipends for volunteers: housing, basic food, residence visas (as required by TZ government)
• Workshop and boutique space
• Materials to produce naSuma on a larger scale: bulk fabric, other materials, etc."

What you can do to help them reach their goal to provide education and valuable training to local women:

  • If you are feeling inspired to help, visit Indiegogo for all of the project details and make a donation by credit card or paypal. I did it, now you should too!

While this campaign ends on January 15, 2014, you can still help in some other ways:

  • To find out about new designs and updates about the organization follow them on facebook or their Blog.
  • If you are interested in purchasing clothing, bags, scarves, etc. visit their Etsy site.