Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Full Day in Bucharest

It was raining this morning, so after a nice breakfast of croissant, tea, and sour cherries, we decided to hang out in the hotel room to wait it out.  I, of course, fell asleep after watching a show on the National Geographic channel about big foot. I learned that big foot is real and probably a type of monkey. (As I write this I am learning about crocodile dinosaur).After the nap and feeling quite refreshed, mom and I headed out with map in hand. This was quite amazing, the map not us going out, because we had read somewhere about how this county has no good maps, and if you found one it was useless. I refer to this as the "map of lies." Our map of lies took us to the Romanian Natural History Museum.

Natural History Museum Dino!
We were welcomed at the entrance by a very inquisitive man who told us all about the museum, and we were in luck because there was some kind of press conference going on just as we walked in. The museum had a strange assortment of stone tombs, old books, and a dinosaur. Peter would have loved it!