Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gearing up for the next adventure!

Here I go again. Where is it this time? Paris, Rome, Rio, Cape Town? None of the above! I am heading to Eastern Europe to vampire country for a little bit of work and a lot of learning about an area of the world I don't know much about at all. On June 28th I will be hopping a plane with my mom to Bucharest, Romania. Then it's off to Sofia, Bulgaria where yours truly will be presenting at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society's International Education Conference. After that's all said and done, mom will be flying home, and I will be flying to Istanbul to experience two continents at once. After this trip is over I will have visited 5 continents! It would have been 6, but apparently central America is considered part of North America. Perhaps my next trip will be to Peru or Brazil? Time to focus on this one, and as usual there is so much to do!

Mom is finishing up her school year this week, and I am here in New Jersey trying to get ready for the big presentation. What I know so far is that I will be presenting on Wednesday, July 6th right after the key note speaker. Yikes, talk about pressure. Not only that, I will be surrounded by professors and PhD's who are experts in the field of comparative education. It's pretty amazing that my paper was chosen! Now I need to buckle down and come up with a fabulous 20 minute power point presentation that will encapsulate all of my research and a 50 page thesis. No problem. That's why instead of doing my presentation I read The Alchemist and half of The Daily Five.

Journey Bear is also excited to be going on another trip, but he has been spending an awful lot of time by the pool! More on that later.

If anyone has any recommendations about what to do while I'm in Istanbul, I would love that (especially food that I should try).