Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Computer lesson

Today was my second computer lesson, and I really enjoy these because it is so much fun to watch grown men get so excited about my laptop. Today we reviewed how to type, save, highlight, and spellcheck. Our new items were fonts including size and color. It is great how we all huddle together on a bench in front of the screen. There were 5 of us including me, so it is a challenge for everyone to see. The older gentleman from the other day even came back and asked to join my computer class on Thursday. Hooray more students.

I am in between placement and lunch now, and after lunch we have my favorite...Swahili lesson. I am really not a fan. After that though we are going to a traditional healer to do I don't know what, but it should be really interesting.

Stay tuned for my next post....I may come home with some sort of love potion or a cure for chicken mosquito bites :o)