Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do Chickens get Mosquito Bites?

Before I start the continuation of my last blog post, I must pose the question:

Do chickens get mosquito bites?

The reason why this question is so important to me is because I have been diligent with my bug spray with deet amounts that could kill a small animal and my mosquito net (which I have grown very fond of). Chickens, on the other hand run in standing, stagnant water with seemingly no problems at all. If anyone can find the answer to this puzzling question I would really appreciate it.

Another note of fun, I saw a man chase a goat all over the place today. So picture this: goat making very loud goat noise and running, stopping to look at man, and running again. Man very annoyed running after goat across the busiest road in town. Then there is me watching all of this happen and openly laughing while walking home from "work."

Ah you have to love a place like this!