Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I woke up on Sunday planning to go to the beach and just lay in the sun, but it was sort of rainy and a bit cold. A bunch of us just spent the morning laying around on the porch, looking for a hornet's nest, journaling, or reading. We got to the point where we were counting down the minutes to lunch which is always exciting. They even ring a bell and we salivate just like Pavlov's puppies. We are very well conditioned. I eat sooooo much here and most of it is carbs, so I am in culinary heaven. If they had pizza, I may stay here forever. Just kidding mom.

Anyway, after a lazy lunch we were off to the beach to check out the sights, take a walk and end up at the Millenium Hotel for some expensive (by Baga standards) beverages. Sheila then recommended a rousing game of compliment circle which took the better part of our time there.

Not quite time for dinner, we all walked to Baga Point or mosquito heaven where there are large pools of stagnant water where really loud frogs live. Side note, do you know those wooden instruments of the frog with the wooden stick. When you pass the stick over the back of this wooden frog it makes a noise similar to this frog just in case anyone cared. Anyway, first taste of banana beer was had, kind of like something has been in the fridge for way too long then you have fermented bananas. While we were all sitting there, some children "borrowed" the bike gang's bikes. By bike gang, I mean Ariel and Andrew.

Then it was off to dinner for some more lovely carbs, and back to Hillside because there is really nothing else to do because it gets dark here around 6.