Friday, December 25, 2009


I have been in Brisbane or Bris-Vegas as it is sometimes called for about a week now. The first couple of days were spent recharging ourselves and all of the equipment we brought.

We also spent a day exploring the city and doing a bit of shopping. They have a whole street just dedicated to shopping! It is called Queen Street. After that, we took a ferry to the South Bank for a snack. It is right on the river, but there is also a pool and a beach there. It looks so funny being right next to the river.

After a snack at the Sardine Tin (actually really nice and on the water), we met up with Kylie after work to meet a couple of her friends. We had a chat and took the ferry back to Bulimba where we have been staying. There was an elementary school reunion/bbq going on in the backyard, but Kylie and I decided to forgo the fun and have some gourmet pizza up the street instead.

Another night, and I think this is out of order we went to New Farm Park. This is where the old power plant is, and it is also right on the river like many things in Brisbane. There was an awesome farmer's market going on while we were there. They had everything you could possibly think of and lots and lots of fresh mangoes. We met up with Damian and some friends of his to play some footie in the park. I sat and watched the sunset and about a million bats fly overhead. I have never seen anything like it.

For you foodies reading, Sam brought some Wagyu beef from his ranch in the outback for our dinner that night. Amazing!