Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Finally Here!

Wow what an adventure I have had already. I got to the Orlando airport just in time to find out that we were delayed for over a half hour. This caused some trouble when we got to Los Angeles. We had to practically run down a VERY long hallway. We got to the gate just in time for our 14 and a half hour flight. This was after my 4 and a half hour flight I had already taken!

Journey and I settled in for some pasta dinner, a long nap, and a super long flight. I wonder how many miles it is from Orlando to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Sydney? If you look at the TV screen that was in front of my seat, you can see how far I had traveled when I had 3 hours and 40 minutes left of my flight.

I know that Mrs. Khan's class has been trying to figure out why my plane had to cross the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic. Any thoughts?

Australia: Day 1
After I got Journey through customs at the airport, we took a train into Sydney to an area called The Rocks. Can you find out what the Rocks was used for when Australia first became a country?

After our train ride, we walked around trying to find our hotel. On our way trudging our luggage around the Sydney harbor, we saw a couple of amazing sights: the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Journey and I also made friends with a couple of Aborigines playing some music on the street. The long instrument that you see is called a Diggeridoo. I bought a cd of the music he was playing so we can listen to it when I get back. What can you find out about Australian music?

Oh and Ms. B, your $5 came in handy. I was able to help a man complete his Australian money collection and get a free ice cream at the same time. They no longer print that money, so it was a great conversation piece. Thanks again!

I am looking forward to your comments, now I am off to start day 2 and see some more great new things!

Ms. D