Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Hello again,

Day 3:

This afternoon (well actually I am posting this on Wednesday morning) we went to Manly Beach. We had to take a ferry for about 30 minutes. Fortunately, while on the ride there was a major sailing competition going on in the harbor. The sailboats were darting past each other seemingly only inches away. The ferry even had to blow the horn once because they were getting so close.

When we got to Manly, it was still pretty cloudy, but we decided to walk down to the beach anyway. On the way there, we came upon a gallery that had all kinds of traditional Aboriginal art. We met a woman named Mel and she told us all about what the different styles of art meant. For example, the pictures that are designed with dots are actually arial maps to show different locations. The less profound the dots, the more secret the map is. Also, if there are pictures of animals with hatch marks in different spots, that tells you what part of the animal is safe to eat. It also shows the internal organs and the most humane way to kill the animal. This is all told through art....amazing. I bought a book about Aboriginal art, and I can't wait to share it with you when I get back.

Out at Manly Beach, Journey had some time to relax and enjoy the beach life. He had to be careful though because there were some nasty rip tides.

When we got on the ferry home, the sun finally came out, go figure. After a rest at the beautiful hotel, it was off to dinner at a place called Wolfies right on the harbor with an awesome view of the opera house. The food was great and they even served their surf and turf on a huge metal stick hanging from a stand. So far the food has been very similar to food that you can find in the states, although I have seen kangaroo on the menu twice. I haven't been brave enough. Perhaps in Brissy.

That reminds me, I am headed into the Blue Mountains today and then up the coast to Brisbane to visit lots of friends. I will also be going to be celebrating Boxing Day with my friend Amy's family. What can you find out about Boxing Day so I can be prepared when I go?

I'm not sure how the internet is going to be for the next couple of days, but I will post again as soon as possible. Keep your comments coming, I love hearing from you all!

Ms. D