Monday, December 14, 2009

I Found Nemo

Hello All,

Day 2 and part of 3:

I began yesterday with a fabulous breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks which was recommended by an Australian friend. After heaping piles of pancake goodness, we headed over to the ferry port to begin our next adventure. I felt that it was time to see some of the wildlife that this country is famous for, so I took a ferry to Darling Harbor where the Australia Aquarium is. The weather was a bit rainy and cold, but inside aquatic species abounded. We saw famous animals such as a platypus, crocodile, and tons of fish from all different types of water. There was also an amazing shark tank that surrounded you on all sides with sharks, rays, and sea turtles.
After the sharks, I found Nemo and friends swimming happily in their tanks. I also found out that Clown Fish and the anemonies that they live in are endangered because so many people are keeping them as pets and removing them from their natural habitats on the reef.

And for you Ms. B, I even found a hulafish!

After that we went to Wildlife World where we got to see some of the famous furries including koalas, a wombat, and lots of roos. I didn't get to feed or hold any of them yet, but I am hoping to when I get to Brisbane.

That evening, I had a relaxing time sitting outside the Sydney Opera House. They have a restaurant and seats along the wall where you can just sit and watch the boats and see the lights of the city. I truly felt like I was on vacation. 

Day 3:
I got up really early and walked across the Harbor Bridge. Did you know that people can climb all the way up to the top? I just walked across, but it was still a fantastic view of the city.

After changing hotels, and sorting out some things for the next couple of days, I am off to Manly Beach. Let's hope the weather stays nice.

Keep the questions coming, and if you have any recommendations of things that I absolutely must do, please let me know! Heading to the Blue Mountains tomorrow, what do you think I'll find there?

Ms. D