Saturday, December 19, 2009

On the road again.

Hello again,

I'm trying to get caught up after those couple of days away. So when I left off I had just had a restless sleep at the 'Apollo.' So we didn't waste much time there, and before we knew it, I had taken a couple of pictures of some interesting things like the dual flush toilet and the price list of items in the room in case I was interested in taking the table lamp or remote control for the TV with me for a rediculous price of $80aus. After a good laugh we were back on the road headed for our destination of Port Macquarie.

Along the way, we saw some lovely sights and stopped frequently to take pictures. One of the places we stopped was called Seal Rocks. While we didn't see any seals on any of the rocks, the beach was beautiful.

We still hadn't eaten anything that day, and we were starving so we tried our next destination, Boomerang Bay. Another lovely location, but we soon found out from some locals that our idyllic lunch at the beach was not going to happen. Not only were there no places to eat on the beach, all the restaurants close between lunch and dinner time and we were at that unfortunate point in time. No food for us. On to a gas station to refuel and grab some snacks. Eventually we found another little town and got some fish and chips, but it was quite frustrating. We were on Australia time now.

Instead of having a repeat of the night before, we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to find a hotel for the night. That decision to head straight for Port Macquarie led us to a slight detour to find a closed koala park and a sighting of some kangaroos in the wild. I was thrilled.

Shortly after, we arrived at the port and found a really nice hotel right on the water. Journey took a little nap and I got ready for my first real meal of the day. I looked through the hotel dining books and found the place that I wanted to go to. My hopes for a good meal, however, were soon dashed when we realized that in addition to closing between lunch and dinner, they stop serving dinner around 8. It was 8:30 when we found the restaurant. We ended up at the Hog's Breath :o( What a let down.